A heist followed by betrayal, a serial killer on the loose, a lunatic out of the asylum, a girl stepping out with a very bad man and a salesman with a vivid imagination. Five tales following five groups of people whose lives are all interconnected without them knowing it but all sharing one thing in common: curiosity kills…

Directed by Ben Pickering (THE SMOKE), starring Amrita Acharia (GAMES OF THRONES), Jack Ashton (CALL THE MIDWIFE), Richard Blackwood (EASTENDERS) and Kacey Clarke (THE INBETWEENERS).


This project was a bit of a challenge due to unforeseen circumstances and low budget meaning no pickups were available. It was my job to take the film, restructure and get it to the point where the film is as best as possible. Over the course of the edit, the order was switched to allow a more gradual flow of the storylines and introduction of the characters. The opening was completely re-worked with my suggestion of Vo to help introduce the characters naturally without being ‘hit over the head’.


After a short cinema run the film can now be viewed on Amazon Prime, Google Play and Youtube. Soon to be released on DVD and Blu Ray.

Currently (Post cinema and the first weekend of release) it has received a 7.8 on IMDB based and 69% audience score on rotten tomatoes.  The ‘critics’ have not been so receptive, blaming the acting and dialogue (both of which are out of my hands), however, this film, in the directors own words ‘is Marmite’, love it or hate it.

The well-organised timeline below!