KINDER: LITTLE HELPERS The brief for this was to showcase kids’ amazing creativity and to create a film that had moments of warmth and charm. A lot of work went into the casting process upfront to find the perfect combination of parents and children. Shot in one day, with animals, kids and a life-size […]


WFP: WHAT FOOD MEANS Ethiopia faced its worst drought in decades last year, threatening communities and families with hunger. As drought spreads again, Spanish chef Clara Villalon went to Ethiopia to discover how support from the World Food Programme and the European Union has helped the country prevent a famine. Discover what Clara learned […]


LE DEJEUNER Even with passion in their relationship, a couple is torn apart by their impossibility to have babies. The harmony of a family dinner is broken as the topic unexpectedly arises and lingers. DIRECTOR: Sweta Tagliabue IMDB